Pottawatomi Gathering Powwow

    Friday August, 8.  1pm - 8pm

     Saturday August, 9.   3pm - 8pm


    Host Drum:  Sons of the Three Fires

      Co-host Drums:  Ribbontown & Southern Straight

      Head Veteran:  Robert Olliveri

      Head Male:  Jeff Martin

      Head Female:  Phyllis Davis

      Head Male Jr:  Louis Old Shield

      Head Female Jr:  Anna Peters

      MCs:  John Bush & Shannon Martin

      Arena Director: Dave Shananaquet

    Specials  (Saturday)

     Hand Drum Contest 

       Old Style Pottawatomi Men’s

       Old Style Pottawatomi Women’s

       Two Step

       Team Dance

       Neshnabe Bling Competition



   For additional information or inquires please contact:

       Yebishawn Old Shield

        (269) 447-6727






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“Days Until Our Nations Come Together”


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